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The purchase of this ticket implies acceptance of the following conditions:

  • This ticket has various security measures. Every bar code is unique and permits one access only. The Organisation does not guarantee its authenticity if it has not been purchased at an official point of sale.
  • Any ticket wich has been altered, torn, is suspicious of being a forgery or has been purchased illegally will authorise the Organisation to deny access to its holder. In addition, the holder of the ticket will lose his or her rights on leaving the premises.
  • If a discount has been applied to the purchase of the ticket, the Organisation will require proof of this in order to access the premises.
  • Once the ticket has been purchased, it will not be exchanged, nor its cost returned, except due to cancellation of the event. In this case, the Organisation promises to return the cost of this ticket.



  • It is forbidden to film or record this performance. It is also forbidden to use flash photography, as well as to enter the premises with any object or product which the Organisation considers to be dangerous.
  • The right of admission is reserved. In accordance with the Law, the holder authorises the Organisation to carry out checks or searches of persons or possessions in order to verify that they meet the security conditions.
  • Once the performance has begun, it is not permitted to enter the hall until the interval, if there is one.
  • This ticket must be kept until leaving the premises.
  • The Organisation reserves the right to modify the timing of the performance.
  • La adquisición de esta entrada supone la aceptación de las siguientes condiciones.
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