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Ferran Adrià - Francesc Guillamet


Ferran Adrià is one of our most internally renowned chefs thanks to his creative, unexpected, original and vanguard proposals. Trained in many kitchens, it wasn’t until the 80s that he joined the team of Juli Soler in the restaurant ‘El Bulli’, where he was to become the first head chef and where he was eventually to obtain recognition for his effort and work when the restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars.

Adrià’s creative cuisine is presented to us through the photographs of Francesc Guillament, a photographer from the Empordà who specialises in gastronomic photography (the author of the photos that illustrate Ferran Adrià’s recipe books). His work is full of intensity, contrasts, and sensations.

As regards Ferran Adrià’s elaboration for the Temporada Alta poster, he manages to unite theatre with cuisine, as both are ephimeral arts. It is a cake called a nuvol, with mint, coconut, curry and tamarind. Everyone who has strolled through the Girona Fair has, at some point, seen these large sugar cakes, and as usual, Adrià has surpassed himself by presenting this delicacy for sweet-toothed adults.


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