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Frederic Amat


He studied stage design and architecture, but he soon branched out and included other artistic languages, like photography, cinema, happening and performance. From his beginnings, his whole artistic trajectory brings together plastic and stage arts in an extremely interesting dialectic where his expressiveness and symbolism stand out.

His plastic art, which has been exhibited throughout the world, belongs, for its experimental and conceptual trends, to the 70s: they are works which use colour as a tool of expression, with some symbolic constants that are in all his creations. They are linked to the art of primitive cultures and at the same time Catalan Romanic art and 20th-century artists like Miró, Tàpies and Brossa. He combines different kinds of materials and props with highly varied techniques: litographies, serigraphies, collage, daily utensils, and so on.

This heterogeneity is also obvious in the theatrical stage sets he has produced for internationally renowned directors.

For the Temporada Alta poster, what stands out is colour: red and black sketch this enigmatic figure, drawn with agile and precise brushstrokes, which invite the onlooker to discover its symbology.

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