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Carme Sanglas


The poster presented by Carme Sanglas for the 1999 season of the Temporada Alta Festival is a clear example of her creations: Hamlet and his skull are dealt with in a highly synthetic and schematic way, giving out a warm air of silence and intimacy. They are suspended on a neutral background which takes us to a strange and mythical stage that accompanies the reflection.

Her artistic trajectory is one of the most coherent on the Catalan scene: she uses a highly personal iconography that she has built up over the years while still experimenting and searching for new paths (she works with different materials and props). In many of her creations there is an atmosphere that invites us to reflect and, particularly, to try to follow the path of personal introspection the artist has taken as she moves towards these dream-like worlds.

The shapes she draws, defined by a strong black line, take us back to the synthetic nature of medieval art, suspended on a void, without a background scene. Her austere landscapes, however, give out a great sensation of sensuality and spirituality (interior landscapes in the light of the moon, solitary boats, amongst others).

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