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Àngel Jové

(LLEIDA, 1940)

Member of a group formed by Jordi Galí, Sílvia Gubern, Antoni Llena and Albert Porta (a group attempting to innovate and renew, a clear alternative to the informal-like trends of the period), Jové was one of the first Catalan conceptual artists. Once the group broke up, each of them took different paths, and Jové began working with materials and props from different sources, a highly particular arte povera with a clear metaphysical and reflexive referent.

Apart from pictures and conceptual works, he has also worked with collage, sculpture, fittings, photomontages, video and performances. Mystery, emptiness and the split between nature and culture take shape in all these fields.

In many works, as in the poster he produced for Temporada Alta, he manipulates photographic images by working with them and bringing a new meaning to them: the enchantment of a stone-faced stare, the use of aspects of traditional art completely brought up to date.

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